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Summer Fun

I watch young boys and girls at play
Baseball is their choice this cool summer day

The ball hits the bat
With a loud ringing crack

The ball soars, it's going, going, gone
With a two run homer, the game seems won

Strikes one, two and three
It's the visitors last out you see

Now it's the home teams chance
The crowd seems to be in some sort of trance

It's four balls the first guy walks
As the next one steps up, no one dares to talk

Two strikes, then a ball
Then smack, the balls over the wall

Now with the scores the same
The home team has a chance to win the game

The next guy hits a line drive
It's up the next player to keep the game alive

Too bad, now it's raining
It looks like the home team won't be winning

But for those kids, it looks like that doesn't matter
I wish you could see the beaming smile on that last batter

Crystal Middlemas